Sunday, 3 March 2013

Internship opportunities for 2013 at Vin Industries

We are happy to announce internship opportunities for 2013. We have been hosting interns for a few years now and mostly the experiences have been very positive. We have got team members (full time employees) who had interned with us earlier and we liked their work and they liked what we did.

Following are the opportunities for the year 2013. Some notes about being in Delhi follow at the end of the post.

We have described some kind of activities that might be expected during the internship period.


  • Literature search
  • Some lab / factory based trials
  • Application research / mapping
  • Patent search
  • Writing technical papers


  • Meet current and prospective customers
  • Do need and gap analysis
  • Create entry strategies / go to strategies for various products / segments
  • Create marketing programs / events for domestic customers


  • Create a entry strategy for a particular country
  • Map / study potential distributors for that country
  • Visit embassies, use net, make calls, etc. to create country specific plan
  • Build prospect databases


  • Assist in recruiting
  • Assist in other HR issues

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Environment philosophy at Vin Industries

At Vin Industries, taking care of our environment is not lip service or something done under pressure.

We truely believe, starting from the top management, in Hindu ethos of taking least from the nature, and that too in ways that is sustainable.

The links given below are related to various environment related activities at Vin Industries.

We are happy and open about sharing our experiences relating to various work we do relating to environmental protection.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or queries.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Vin Industries' range of rubber processing additives ensure uniform vulcanization; moisture removal

Picturization of vulcanized rubber.
yellow sulfur holds the black rubber polymers
together like a fishnet.
image courtesy:

Rubber is one of the most commonly used polymers today. Natural rubber, which is the coagulated latex from certain types of trees that grow in the tropics, has only monomers of isoprene, while synthetic rubber can contain any of several types of monomer, but those must be derived from petroleum.

The rubber processors mix different chemicals with the rubber, depending on its ultimate use. Amongst various processes, the most widely known, and probably the most important is vulcanization.

Vulcanization strengthens rubber because the sulfur links the polymer chains into a stronger matrix.

However, rubber is not an easy polymer to disperse additives as it cannot be melted and converted to liquid form. This results in uneven dispersion of sulfur. Physical properties of such unevenly cured rubber vary from spot to spot, even within the same batch.

This also results in wastage of sulfur as the rubber processors tend to add more than the ideally required quantity of sulfur to overcome this defect.

India's leading manufacturer of niche additives for plastic and rubber industries, Vin Industries has created a range of additives specifically for rubber industry, which have gained popularity due to their high performance.

Vinflex is a very efficient desiccant for rubber which preempts all moisture related defects.

On the other hand, CureWel and VinGran are specifically developed as additives for vulcanization.

VinGran is a pre-dispersion of sulfur in a polymer base, which is in form of soft pellets. This form ensures quick and uniform dispersion of sulfur throughout the rubber.

CureWel also acts as a process aid for the vulcanization process and aids in uniform curing of the rubber, giving uniform physical properties to the cured rubber.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Eliminate polymer preheating with EliHeat

Injection molding is a commonly used manufacturing technique for making products having complex shapes and structures.

However, the process is lengthy as it requires preheating of polymers like ABS, HIPS, Nylon, filled PP etc. for up to 4 hrs and consumes expensive electrical energy.

If the preheating is not done, the moisture present in the polymer can create various surface defects such as blisters, which are not only aesthetically undesirable but also can also severely reduce the quality of end product.

However, Vin Industries' EliHeat is a new generation additive which eliminates the preheating of polymers and saves man power handling cost, electricity and time up to 30%.

When mixed with the polymers, EliHeat reacts with moisture and forms stable compounds which do not evaporate and create surface defects. This also means that the additive gives its full weight to the end product.

This means that the polymers do not need any kind of pre-heating after using EliHeat, saving valuable downtime and energy, simultaneously.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

CureWel: best additive for optimum curing of rubber

Vulcanization of rubber is essential for improving characteristics such as strength and toughness, which are necessary for products like automobile tyres. For such products, the cured, vulcanized rubber should have consistent physical properties, from batch to batch and even within the same batch.

However Sulphur which is necessary for vulcantization, is not easily dispersed through the rubber, which generally leads to uneven curing. To compensate this, standard trade practice is to add more sulphur than ideally required, resulting in wastage of input material.

Moreover, due to uneven curing, products made from such rubber often have inconsistent properties.

CureWel, a highly specialized rubber curing additive, prevents this. CureWel’s patented technology ensures that Sulphur mixes much better in the rubber matrix. This reduces the required dosage of Sulphur. 

Lower Sulphur dosage for the same level of curing means better scorch safety.

This not only gives better strength to the products but also improves productivity and reduces wastage.
CureWel is also very useful in rubbers like Butyl and Nitrile rubber where mixing of Sulphur in the rubber matrix is difficult.

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