Friday, 7 December 2012

Vin Industries' range of rubber processing additives ensure uniform vulcanization; moisture removal

Picturization of vulcanized rubber.
yellow sulfur holds the black rubber polymers
together like a fishnet.
image courtesy:

Rubber is one of the most commonly used polymers today. Natural rubber, which is the coagulated latex from certain types of trees that grow in the tropics, has only monomers of isoprene, while synthetic rubber can contain any of several types of monomer, but those must be derived from petroleum.

The rubber processors mix different chemicals with the rubber, depending on its ultimate use. Amongst various processes, the most widely known, and probably the most important is vulcanization.

Vulcanization strengthens rubber because the sulfur links the polymer chains into a stronger matrix.

However, rubber is not an easy polymer to disperse additives as it cannot be melted and converted to liquid form. This results in uneven dispersion of sulfur. Physical properties of such unevenly cured rubber vary from spot to spot, even within the same batch.

This also results in wastage of sulfur as the rubber processors tend to add more than the ideally required quantity of sulfur to overcome this defect.

India's leading manufacturer of niche additives for plastic and rubber industries, Vin Industries has created a range of additives specifically for rubber industry, which have gained popularity due to their high performance.

Vinflex is a very efficient desiccant for rubber which preempts all moisture related defects.

On the other hand, CureWel and VinGran are specifically developed as additives for vulcanization.

VinGran is a pre-dispersion of sulfur in a polymer base, which is in form of soft pellets. This form ensures quick and uniform dispersion of sulfur throughout the rubber.

CureWel also acts as a process aid for the vulcanization process and aids in uniform curing of the rubber, giving uniform physical properties to the cured rubber.

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