Sunday, 3 March 2013

Internship opportunities for 2013 at Vin Industries

We are happy to announce internship opportunities for 2013. We have been hosting interns for a few years now and mostly the experiences have been very positive. We have got team members (full time employees) who had interned with us earlier and we liked their work and they liked what we did.

Following are the opportunities for the year 2013. Some notes about being in Delhi follow at the end of the post.

We have described some kind of activities that might be expected during the internship period.


  • Literature search
  • Some lab / factory based trials
  • Application research / mapping
  • Patent search
  • Writing technical papers


  • Meet current and prospective customers
  • Do need and gap analysis
  • Create entry strategies / go to strategies for various products / segments
  • Create marketing programs / events for domestic customers


  • Create a entry strategy for a particular country
  • Map / study potential distributors for that country
  • Visit embassies, use net, make calls, etc. to create country specific plan
  • Build prospect databases


  • Assist in recruiting
  • Assist in other HR issues

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